Chapyusen is located along the banks of the famous Chico River adjoining Barangay Talubin and Tocucan of Bontoc & Anabel of Sadanga. Chapyusen is the farthest sitio of Barangay Can-eo and can be reached by an hour trek via Tocucan, Bontoc and 30-45 minutes hike from Can-eo Proper.
The rice mill project was in response to the appeal of community members that will address the laborious and traditional way of husking rice (palay) with an ‘a-u’ (pestle) and lusong (mortar). The time saved from using the mill can be used for other economic and livelihood activities such as rice field expansion, weeding rice fields, maintaining irrigation systems, swidden farming and their famous weaving industry.
The rice mill is mostly needed in emergency situations and during special occasions such as wedding, death, performance of rituals and other unexpected situations that require the need of more rice to feed big number of people.
The implementation of the project also provide scene for the officers of CMO & CYO to practice collective leadership to implement and manage the project for the benefit of the community people.
During the project inauguration, the community policy on maintenance and sustainability was approved by all community members that guide them in lengthening the services provided by their community rice mill.  After two months of operation and testing the rice mill, the beneficiaries said that it helped them a lot and the officers claimed that they can properly manage it with support from the members. Furthermore, the burden of pounding rice to women and children was eased.