The major output of the training was the formation of a Disaster Preparedness Committee or DPC within the organizational structure of AIPDO in sitio Naguilian.  The DPC is the arm of the community organization to  deal with disaster management and to work closely  with the Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council  (BRRMC) of the Barangay Local Government Unit (BLGU) in relation to disaster preparedness, responding to the needs of disaster victims and rehabilitating damages.
A community risk map was also created by the participants. The risk map shows the location of areas that are unsafe in times of typhoon. Barangay Abang is located along the Abra River which makes the community vulnerable to flooding whenever the river swells. The swelling of the river and strong typhoons posed threat to the people and to their livelihood; there were cases that animals like pigs, cows, and carabaos were carried away by the raging river. In 2010, a community member was swept by the strong current of water along the Abra River.  It also caused isolation due to difficulty of crossing the river.  Participants of the training who joined in creating the risk map said that their awareness on the different hazards affecting them was improved. The identification of risky areas helps them in making plan on how to get away with the ill effects of the different disasters.
Among the topics that caught the attention of the participants was on climate change, participants shared their experience on the changes of agricultural activities due to changes of climate pattern.  They also shared that there is too much water during rainy months; the Chairman of AIPDO shared that since his childhood he witnessed the gradual increased in the water level of the river that it already reached the rice fields and the width of the river became broader.  Another topic where the audience participated most was the discussion of the Disaster Risk Reduction Management law (Republic Act 10121) particularly on the utilization of the BDRRM fund of the Internal Revenue Allotment  of the BLGU wherein it is too small as compare to the amount needed for disaster risk reduction activities.  Moreover, based on the law, the fund was not being used accordingly.  The participants appreciated the training and they realize how important to be aware on the things happening around and to act on these as a community.
Partner NGOs and POs of CorDisRDS have integrated in their plans awareness raising and small projects in relation to DRR and Climate Change since there are pressing issues in the Cordillera on these concerns.  Being one of its development trusts, the CorDisRDS have been responding to requests of its partners to facilitate trainings that help in increasing capacities of communities especially the vulnerable sectors.