The training, which was organized by the Cordillera Disaster Response and Development Services, Inc. (CorDisRDS), served as kick-off activity for a series of DRR related activities that will be conducted in 3 urban poor communities in Baguio City. CorDisRDS is a non-government organization based in the Cordillera that supports people’s efforts in addressing their disaster vulnerabilities while helping them increase their capacities.

Mr. Jackson Chiday, a barangay kagawad from Loakan Proper, expressed appreciation for the training and highlighted the importance of disaster preparedness. “There is a need for the LGU to work closely with other stakeholders in order to develop a comprehensive disaster plan that addresses the vulnerabilities of the community.  Disaster preparedness is important in order to maximize resources and reduce damages and possible loss of life during a disaster”.

As a way forward, more DRR activities will be conducted in the community including additional trainings, improvement of the community early-warning system, and contingency planning with the ultimate aim of developing a community that is resilient to disasters.