For the past 4 years in college, the Integrated Education Assistance Program (IEAP) was a great help to me and my family. My family is living in a hand-to- mouth existence and sending me and my siblings in college is very difficult. The program of the CORDIS inspired me to do my best in my studies because not everyone has a chance to go to school. In fact, if I had not received the agency’s support, my parents would probably don’t know where to source out money to augment their income for our expensive tuition fees and basic needs. This further encouraged me to study hard and be active in our school.

During my college days, I actively joined in extra-curricular activities inside and outside the school campus like sports and cultural performing arts that enhanced my skills and talent. By joining cultural organization, it helped me to appreciate the beauty of our own culture, dances and songs. I was the secretary of the organization until I graduated Bachelor of Science in Social work last May 2016. Our group have been performing inside the school for special events like intramurals, foundation day, Buwan ng Wika and other school activities. We also represent our school to perform when there are events that our school was invited to join. I also joined singing contest and extemporaneous speech in our school and won 2nd prize and 1 prize. Without the help of the CorDisRDS, I may not have experience all of this and would not have pursued my degree course.

At present I’m volunteering my service to the agency that made my educational pursuits possible while waiting for our licensure examination. I am very much thankful and proud to be one of the IEAP grantees. The program of the IEAP is not only giving financial support but also gives light and hope to the youth like me. Lastly, your kindness made an incredible difference in my life as well as my family’s. Thank you very much! Gemma Canyas